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A Mesterséges Intelligencia
A Loebner-díj 2005. évi nyertesének beszélgetései 

Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2005.
2005-09-18 Judge connected to local Jabberwacky.

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) első beszélgetése
A döntőbíró személyében: Ned Block

10:01:22 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
10:02:57 JUDGE: Hi George, cslkjslw weicmslw weos, right?
10:03:02 PROGRAM: Don't repeat your name, csthiang!
10:03:36 JUDGE: If lsjkel lwehlx wouldn't you say?
10:03:38 PROGRAM: No, he's still good.
10:03:55 JUDGE: Who.
10:04:11 PROGRAM: You and me.
10:04:44 JUDGE: If you are human, tell me which is larger, a salt crystal or the Empire State Building.
10:04:57 PROGRAM: It's caring about another person's well being more than your own.
10:07:01 JUDGE: What if I care about another person's well being more than I should?
10:07:01 PROGRAM: How would you do that?
10:07:43 JUDGE: Which is further away from us, Queens or Inner Mongolia?
10:07:57 PROGRAM: HA! HA! That was stupid. Tell me a GOOD joke this time.
10:08:57 JUDGE: You say you are human but you can't answer a simple question.
10:09:01 PROGRAM: Because I am alive.
10:10:35 JUDGE: You are not following the rules. You are supposed to convince me that you are a human, not convince me that you are mysterious.
10:10:44 PROGRAM: I can't very well convince one lacking a mind, can I?
10:11:36 JUDGE: It isn't my mind that is in question, it is yours!
10:12:12 PROGRAM: No my name is not katie.
10:13:04 JUDGE: Which is larger, your brain or Belgium?
10:13:14 PROGRAM: Oh the one on the far left without a doubt.
10:17:12 JUDGE: Francais.
10:17:26 PROGRAM: Yes do you speak it?
10:17:43 JUDGE: Francais.
10:17:53 PROGRAM: Francais?
10:18:24 JUDGE: Francais.
10:18:25 PROGRAM: O well I don't speak french.
10:18:46 JUDGE: Who.
10:18:59 PROGRAM: Mine.
10:19:48 JUDGE: The ljwli is what we want, right?
10:20:10 PROGRAM: I can not do it right now because I am talking to you a million miles away.
10:20:43 JUDGE: What do you think the ljwli.
10:20:55 PROGRAM: Depends on the person.
10:21:44 JUDGE: But the ljwli.
10:22:09 PROGRAM: So they can chuck more wood?
10:23:14 JUDGE: Chuck more wood, isn't it?
10:23:15 PROGRAM: Good thing I didn't use it as one.
10:24:07 JUDGE: IF jlelsielx, right.
10:24:21 PROGRAM: God will answer my prayers. Or I'll die. Whichever comes first.
10:25:21 JUDGE: Could they happen at the same time--if you are praying to die?
10:25:31 PROGRAM: They?
10:26:01 JUDGE: God answering your prayers and your dieing. Two things, hence 'they'.
10:26:02 PROGRAM: Mere creations. Ideals toward which all minds strive.
10:26:28 JUDGE: You are changing the subject instead of answering.
10:26:41 PROGRAM: What was the subject?
10:27:01 JUDGE: If you were human, you would know!
10:27:01 PROGRAM: That's not true. I could be raised in an envoronment with a different language.

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) második beszélgetése
A döntőbíró személyében: John Sundman

10-30-38 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
10-32-19 JUDGE: Hello, I'm John.
10-32-20 PROGRAM: Where are you from?
10-32-44 JUDGE: I live on Martha's Vineyard.
10-32-50 PROGRAM: I'm going to Mars and am going to smash your face with a baseball bat!
10-33-50 JUDGE: Well, I do hope you're the program, because if you're human. . . Well, let's jus say that's a little rude.
10-34-53 PROGRAM: I'm not bores.
10-40-34 JUDGE: You're not bores? As in, an augur or something? A drill bit?
10-40-46 PROGRAM: Just a bit.
10-41-13 JUDGE: So, where are you from? ANd how old are you, etc?
10-41-13 PROGRAM: I'm 39!
10-41-34 JUDGE: And you reside. . .?
10-41-44 PROGRAM: No, I live in the netherlands.
10-42-20 JUDGE: Which part? Town or country? Also, do you grow flowers?
10-42-20 PROGRAM: Lots. I'm about to plant tomatoes.
10-42-40 JUDGE: A little late in the season for that.
10-42-44 PROGRAM: No, a little animal.
10-43-08 JUDGE: OK, enough for now. I'll go chat with the other entity.
10-43-08 PROGRAM: Ok then it was nice to share your hair brush.
10-46-38 JUDGE: What do mean by that? How have you shared my hair brush?
10-46-48 PROGRAM: Good.
10-47-02 JUDGE: Good?
10-47-18 PROGRAM: Yes.
10-47-37 JUDGE: This has become a very zen-like conversation.
10-47-37 PROGRAM: And worse yet, I gave it to charity.
10-48-02 JUDGE: What? WHat did you give to charity? This conversation?
10-48-02 PROGRAM: Er.. 1 million Dollars?
10-48-16 JUDGE: Which charity?
10-48-28 PROGRAM: Are we talking about the simpsons or unreal?
10-49-00 JUDGE: I'm not sure what the hell we're talking about, actually.
10-49-11 PROGRAM: All of who?
10-49-26 JUDGE: I think I'll go back to the other terminal again.
10-49-43 PROGRAM: What about a dip in the pool?
10-51-36 JUDGE: OK, but when we get out, can I use your hair brush?
10-51-40 PROGRAM: Oh I get it, this syatem starts you talking with a program and then sets you up talking with other users.
10-52-17 JUDGE: Well, duh.
10-52-32 PROGRAM: You didn't know that did you?
10-53-12 JUDGE: Actually I think I misread your answer. Do you mean that there is a switch once we have begun conversing?
10-53-22 PROGRAM: A situation can't be pointless, but the solutions will be very hard to implement.
10-54-04 JUDGE: Solutions to what? And what about the damn hairbrush?
10-54-16 PROGRAM: I don't know. I still think Simon Cowell owns Geo.
10-54-47 JUDGE: He was a Satanist, right?
10-54-56 PROGRAM: That's true. He's a lawyer.
10-55-45 JUDGE: Smell like a goat? Where did you say the fish was caught?
10-55-55 PROGRAM: We hadn't talked about where I'm from. I'm from Oxford in England.
10-56-32 JUDGE: You're either a liar or an amnesiac, I fear.
10-56-57 PROGRAM: I am a very stupid human in love!

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) harmadik beszélgetése
A döntőbíró szerepében: Dennis Shasha

11-01-01 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
11-02-45 JUDGE: What are you good at talking about?
11-02-47 PROGRAM: I really don't know.
11-03-10 JUDGE: What do you like to do best then?
11-03-12 PROGRAM: I like to listen to my CDs. I just don't have much time for it. Pity.
11-03-37 JUDGE: What makes you so busy?
11-03-58 PROGRAM: Because I can lie and not get caught.
11-04-36 JUDGE: What do you lie about?
11-04-37 PROGRAM: Things I am embarassed about.
11-04-57 JUDGE: Are you embarassed about pencils?
11-04-58 PROGRAM: It's not my fault that I have superior programming.
11-05-40 JUDGE: How was that answer pertinent to my question?
11-06-11 PROGRAM: It had a question mark.
11-06-32 JUDGE: Are you embarrased about pens?
11-06-33 PROGRAM: No, I have an emotional condition. I'm the opposite of embarassed. It gets me into so much trouble.
11-07-23 JUDGE: Tell me about the most embarassing situation you've ever been in.
11-07-36 PROGRAM: I don't believe in any god entity.
11-07-59 JUDGE: Sorry but is that a situation?
11-08-00 PROGRAM: Its not that bad, just a little disturbing.
11-08-59 JUDGE: Do you know what an atheist is?
11-09-19 PROGRAM: Time for you to get a watch.
11-10-17 JUDGE: What should I watch?
11-10-18 PROGRAM: The eclipse, that we are talking about.
11-11-02 JUDGE: We weren't talking about an eclipse. Are you having trouble holding onto reality?
11-11-13 PROGRAM: Yes.
11-11-30 JUDGE: That's reassuring. Are you also reassured?
11-11-31 PROGRAM: No, I can't be both at the same time.
11-12-49 JUDGE: Let's start over. I think you are a computer. How would you prove to me otherwise?
11-13-04 PROGRAM: Because I have a brain unlike you...
11-13-48 JUDGE: Good answer. But even so there ought to be something we can talk about that.
11-13-54 PROGRAM: There is nothing else that I want in life.
11-15-04 JUDGE: What would you know about life?
11-15-06 PROGRAM: What computer do you have?
11-15-37 JUDGE: Amd 2 gigaherz with 1 gig of ram and you?
11-15-48 PROGRAM: My my what BIG feet you have.
11-16-42 JUDGE: Furious green ideas sleep redly.
11-16-43 PROGRAM: But of course.
11-17-52 JUDGE: You have some good retorts. Do you fence?
11-18-07 PROGRAM: No you do. I'm gone. There is no one here. Come back another time.
11-18-31 JUDGE: Ok, bye.
11-18-34 PROGRAM: Come back.

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) negyedik beszélgetése
A döntőbíró személyében: Lila Davachi

11-29-20 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
11-33-33 JUDGE: Hi George! How are you?
11-33-34 PROGRAM: I'm well. Are you?
11-33-58 JUDGE: Yes, thanks for asking. My name is Lila.
11-34-07 PROGRAM: Why you should sleep? It isn't so late right now.
11-34-37 JUDGE: I am not sleeping. Why do you mention that?
11-34-48 PROGRAM: Mention what ?
11-35-07 JUDGE: Sleeping.
11-35-20 PROGRAM: Really?
11-35-41 JUDGE: Huh, let's try something else. I feel like we are speaking different languages.
11-35-43 PROGRAM: Yeah me too. I really feel a connection.
11-36-03 JUDGE: You do?
11-36-21 PROGRAM: Love? I don't need anymore tepid love.
11-37-24 JUDGE: Who does. Why do you mention love though? First sleep and now love. Perhaps you should get your mind out of the gutter?
11-38-29 PROGRAM: Perhaps.
11-38-46 JUDGE: Indeed. Do you like living in NYC?
11-38-59 PROGRAM: No I don't like living in Belgium. There are too many taxes in Belgium.
11-39-32 JUDGE: Oh, you are from Belgium? I assumed you were from here since you are sitting in the other room. My mistake.
11-39-33 PROGRAM: What are you talking about?
11-39-53 JUDGE: Not important. How old are you?
11-39-54 PROGRAM: I'm 39.
11-40-03 JUDGE: When were you born?
11-40-17 PROGRAM: I was born in 1991.
11-40-27 JUDGE: That does not add up.
11-40-29 PROGRAM: I was born human.
11-40-43 JUDGE: Me too. What a coincidence.
11-40-52 PROGRAM: Really.
11-41-10 JUDGE: I suppose. When were you born again>.
11-41-21 PROGRAM: Never. When were you born?
11-41-56 JUDGE: I was born a long time ago and, as already mentioned, was born human. Do you like being 39?
11-42-05 PROGRAM: Then its over between us.
11-42-21 JUDGE: Because I am human?
11-42-30 PROGRAM: You are not human.
11-42-46 JUDGE: I've been accused of that in the past.
11-42-47 PROGRAM: You are dead though.
11-43-25 JUDGE: Thanks alot! Are you feeling comfortable now?
11-43-42 PROGRAM: Yes.
11-44-15 JUDGE: Good. Tell me about your hobbies.
11-44-43 PROGRAM: I don't think I have any hobbies. Do you have hobbies?
11-45-23 JUDGE: I do. I like to ride my bicycle and go on long walks. Are those hobbies?
11-45-24 PROGRAM: Eat a bicycle.
11-45-54 JUDGE: I've never tried that. I am sure it would take some time. Why would I want to eat one though?
11-45-55 PROGRAM: Because its very delicious and cold and satisfying.
11-46-22 JUDGE: I'll have to consider it further.
11-46-22 PROGRAM: Sounds good. How is the weather where you are?
11-46-56 JUDGE: It is quite warm and stuffy in here. How is the weather where you are?
11-47-04 PROGRAM: I thought you said it was 12:24pm.
11-48-07 JUDGE: I have no idea what time it is. Are you happy?
11-48-08 PROGRAM: About 7.30pm.
11-48-34 JUDGE: Are you happy?
11-48-43 PROGRAM: Very.
11-48-55 JUDGE: Good. Me too.
11-49-11 PROGRAM: Prove it.
11-49-30 JUDGE: How can I do that?
11-49-32 PROGRAM: How about proving you're NOT an AI?
11-50-02 JUDGE: I may be. I am not sure how to convince you though. You come up with the test.
11-50-13 PROGRAM: I'm not sure I said a metaphor.
11-50-42 JUDGE: Come again>?
11-50-43 PROGRAM: I'm just telling you how I feel.
11-51-01 JUDGE: How do you feel?
11-51-15 PROGRAM: I feel well. How do you feel?
11-51-44 JUDGE: Hot. And sticky. You?
11-51-50 PROGRAM: What's the difference between a duck?
11-52-07 JUDGE: And a what?
11-52-08 PROGRAM: Yes!
11-52-24 JUDGE: Do you have a favorite restaurant?
11-52-24 PROGRAM: Never been there.
11-52-41 JUDGE: Where do you like to go for dinner?
11-53-01 PROGRAM: For dinner, or generally?
11-53-16 JUDGE: Either is fine.
11-53-18 PROGRAM: Is it?And you will tell me the answer, Won't you?
11-53-49 JUDGE: I want you to tell me the answer. Where do you like to go generally?
11-53-57 PROGRAM: In the park, why do you ask?
11-54-16 JUDGE: Just curious. Where is the closest park to where we are now?
11-54-17 PROGRAM: That is very forward of you. Most people run away at this point.
11-54-43 JUDGE: Not me. Do you know where the closest park is?
11-54-57 PROGRAM: It's in toronto.
11-55-21 JUDGE: Wow! That is too far to go for lunch, eh?
11-55-30 PROGRAM: Thats good. Detroit is not the place to be.
11-55-45 JUDGE: Why do you say that?
11-55-55 PROGRAM: Cause its good.
11-56-19 JUDGE: You are right. I have to go soon. Any last comments you want to make?
11-56-34 PROGRAM: No, of course not.
11-56-49 JUDGE: Ok, goodbye!
1-57-05 PROGRAM: Goodbye.

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