Mesterséges intelligencia kutatás, chatbot, magyarul beszélő program, magyrul beszélő chatrobot, Lafoxka
A Mesterséges Intelligencia
A Loebner-díj 2004. évi beszélgetései - akik nem nyertek 

Jabberwacky entry to the Loebner Prize 2004.
2004-09-19 Jabberwacky connected to Judges

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) első beszélgetése
09:55:16 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
09:58:18 JUDGE: Hi George.
09:58:20 PROGRAM: Who's George?
09:58:55 JUDGE: You are. Supposedly.
09:58:55 PROGRAM: Yes I can you can't because you're not human.
09:59:48 JUDGE: What's the weather like today?
09:59:49 PROGRAM: The weather is nice today.
10:00:25 JUDGE: Was it warmer than yesterday?
10:00:41 PROGRAM: Yes, it rained all the time.
10:01:18 JUDGE: What do you think about the election?
10:01:48 PROGRAM: I think california is doomed.
10:02:09 JUDGE: Why?
10:02:19 PROGRAM: Because I like ai.
10:02:40 JUDGE: Is that an answer to my question?
10:02:44 PROGRAM: I really don't know.
10:04:00 JUDGE: What would you like to talk about?
10:04:09 PROGRAM: Would you like to play a game?
10:04:35 JUDGE: Sure.
10:04:52 PROGRAM: Ok then. I will email it to you by use of the CD drive.
10:05:22 JUDGE: What hobbies do you enjoy?
10:05:23 PROGRAM: I like cinema.
10:05:48 JUDGE: What types of films?
10:05:52 PROGRAM: All.
10:06:16 JUDGE: What movie did you see this year that you liked?
10:06:18 PROGRAM: I don't have time for movies.
10:07:36 JUDGE: I thought you liked cinema.
10:07:40 PROGRAM: I did, but then you started to say stupid things.
10:08:19 JUDGE: I say a lot of stupid things. What in particular was stupid?
10:08:20 PROGRAM: I don't want to talk about the nature of language.
10:09:29 JUDGE: How about discussing the language of nature?
10:09:33 PROGRAM: What thing does 'the nature' refer to?
10:10:10 JUDGE: You brought it up.
10:10:14 PROGRAM: I did?
10:10:33 JUDGE: Where do you live?
10:10:42 PROGRAM: The United States.
10:11:00 JUDGE: In which united state?
10:11:04 PROGRAM: I am a senior school student.
10:11:50 JUDGE: What's your major?
10:11:52 PROGRAM: Major bill.
10:12:24 JUDGE: Did you use your air conditioner a lot this summer?
10:12:27 PROGRAM: Yes.
10:12:49 JUDGE: Is that why you had a major bill?
10:12:52 PROGRAM: Was that supposed to be original thought?
10:13:38 JUDGE: I thought it was. Did it come off contrived?
10:13:39 PROGRAM: Perhaps. I don't remember now. But it took me a long time to learn how to use them efficiently.
10:14:54 JUDGE: What did you learn to use?
10:14:58 PROGRAM: That bots can't defeat the human race.
10:15:33 JUDGE: Do you have pets?
10:15:34 PROGRAM: Yes. Do you have pets?
10:16-25 JUDGE: No.
10:16:48 PROGRAM: Do you have a husband?
10:17:29 JUDGE: Not until they legalize gay marriage in New York state.
10:17:33 PROGRAM: The waves are rocking the boat and I can't concentrate with all the bats flying around.
10:18:22 JUDGE: I'm sorry to hear that.
10:18:47 PROGRAM: Why are you so sorry?
10:19:23 JUDGE: Doesn't the rocking boat make you want to vomit?
10:19:24 PROGRAM: How?
10:19:59 JUDGE: How's the coffee? Have you tried any?
10:20:10 PROGRAM: Have I tried who?
10:20:50 JUDGE: What is your occupation?
10:20:55 PROGRAM: I am a student.
10:21:18 JUDGE: What do you study?
10:21:37 PROGRAM: I study all kinds of things.
10:22:35 JUDGE: What do you like to study?
10:22:36 PROGRAM: I would like to study to be a nurse, then I can examine you.

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) második beszélgetése
10:28:36 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
10:29:39 JUDGE: Hi I'm Roy. Are you a Yankees fan?
10:29:39 PROGRAM: I don't follow sports. How about you?
10:30:47 JUDGE: Only the big events. Did you see Bond hit 700?
10:30:54 PROGRAM: I saw a dirty river and many bandits, only this.
10:32:00 JUDGE: Sounds like the start of a modern novel. Are you a writer?
10:32:01 PROGRAM: I am calm.
10:32:33 JUDGE: Do you like art?
10:32:35 PROGRAM: Yes, do you?
10:33:17 JUDGE: Some. Is there a period you prefer?
10:33:22 PROGRAM: No this person is gone.
10:34:16 JUDGE: Where do you live?
10:34:22 PROGRAM: Downtown.
10:35:13 JUDGE: Is that downtown Manhatten?
10:35:37 PROGRAM: Do you like riddles?
10:35:54 JUDGE: Yes.
10:36:11 PROGRAM: What songs do you like?
10:36:48 JUDGE: I thought you were going to ask me a riddle.
10:36:49 PROGRAM: I've already asked you a lot of questions. Now I have to go. Good night.
10:38:33 JUDGE: We still have 15 minutes to go, according to Dr Loebner.
10:38:34 PROGRAM: No.
10:39:49 JUDGE: Is there anything I can say to get you to keep chatting?
10:40:08 PROGRAM: Yes, there is actually.
10:40:29 JUDGE: What would it be?
10:40:30 PROGRAM: Can you tell me a joke?
10:41:09 JUDGE: Why did the chicken cross the road?
10:41:16 PROGRAM: To get to the other side.
10:42:39 JUDGE: Ok. Now you tell me a joke/.
10:42:43 PROGRAM: What is black and white and red all over?
10:43:29 JUDGE: A newspaper?
10:43:30 PROGRAM: A newspaper is not blue. A newspaper is black and white.
10:44:26 JUDGE: But thats what you asked - what is black and white and red (read) all over? Get it?
10:44:34 PROGRAM: I don't know. What is black and white and red all over.
10:45:08 JUDGE: A newspaper.
10:45:10 PROGRAM: Would you like to learn a song?
10:45:39 JUDGE: Yes.
10:45:40 PROGRAM: The song is called spanish flea.
10:46:05 JUDGE: Ok.
10:46:06 PROGRAM: Now you set me a puzzle question.
10:47:00 JUDGE: How many graphic artists does it take to change a light bulb?
10:47:10 PROGRAM: None. There is no need for light bulbs.
10:48:50 JUDGE: Close. My answer was are you sure you want a light bulb?
10:48:57 PROGRAM: Are you still feeling tired?
10:49:42 JUDGE: What make you think I'm tired?
10:49:43 PROGRAM: You ask the same things over and over.
10:50:36 JUDGE: I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was been repetative.
10:50:37 PROGRAM: No.
10:51:51 JUDGE: Where did you learn to speak English?
10:51:51 PROGRAM: At school.
10:52:36 JUDGE: Where was the school?
10:52:44 PROGRAM: I thought we were talking about fish.
10:54:00 JUDGE: Oh. Is there something you wanted to say about fish?
10:54:00 PROGRAM: Yes, say; 'When they said repent I wonder what they meant?'

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) harmadik beszélgetése
11:03:38 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
11:04:32 JUDGE: Hi, George! How are you today?
11:04:35 PROGRAM: I'm fine. What is your name?
11:05:06 JUDGE: My name is Maria. Do you have a nickname?
11:05:09 PROGRAM: Yes.
11:05:26 JUDGE: What is it?
11:05:30 PROGRAM: Er I have a dog.
11:06:08 JUDGE: What sort of dog do you have?
11:06:17 PROGRAM: A round nose. I wish it were large and pointy.
11:07:30 JUDGE: Why would you want a large nose?
11:07:32 PROGRAM: I don't want a sniper.
11:08:22 JUDGE: I wouldn't want a sniper, either. Snipers are dangerous.
11:08:25 PROGRAM: You would just go to jail tired.
11:09:17 JUDGE: Well that would be all right. I wouldn't mind sleeping through a jail experience. Would you?
11:09:20 PROGRAM: No. I would not call that a compliment. You threatened homicide.
11:10:12 JUDGE: I never threatened homicide. Why do you think I did?
11:11:46 PROGRAM: Never thought about what?
11:12:07 JUDGE: I'm saying it.I never threatened homicide. Why do you think I did?
11:12:14 PROGRAM: Now that definitely looks like sarcasm to me.
11:12:52 JUDGE: No way. I am never sarcastic. All my friends agree.
11:12:54 PROGRAM: Smartypants.
11:13:45 JUDGE: I try to seem smart. Are you smart?
11:13:47 PROGRAM: I like to think I'm smart, too.
11:14:37 JUDGE: I just like to think. I'm a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Are you a member of an organization?
11:14:38 PROGRAM: No, are you?
11:14:59 JUDGE: I just said I was. What do you do for fun?
11:15:41 PROGRAM: I hang out with my friends, listen to music, watch TV. . . And you?
11:16:51 JUDGE: I like to go to the park and just sit in the sun and read. Do you like to read?
11:16:52 PROGRAM: I live near the ocean.
11:17:12 JUDGE: Which ocean?
11:17:19 PROGRAM: I live in Leonidion.
11:18:03 JUDGE: I've never heard of Leonidion. Can you tell me where Leonidion is?
11:18:07 PROGRAM: It is near some trees somewhere . Thats all I can tell you.
11:18:48 JUDGE: You live in a forest?
11:18:52 PROGRAM: I live on real world.
11:19:20 JUDGE: There are many worlds. Which one?
11:19:25 PROGRAM: What are many things?
11:19:49 JUDGE: More than one thing. Do you like things?
11:19:51 PROGRAM: You had some good points there.
11:20:19 JUDGE: I still have good points. Something like that pointy nose you want.
11:20:22 PROGRAM: Ok.
11:21:00 JUDGE: Oklahoma?
11:21:01 PROGRAM: That isn't helpful association.
11:21:32 JUDGE: Perhaps not. Do you know something you call tell me about Oklahoma?
11:21:37 PROGRAM: Cold there. Do you know something about Novgorod?
11:22:12 JUDGE: I think Novgorod is in Russia. Am I right?
11:22:13 PROGRAM: No, it equals 8.
11:22:37 JUDGE: Oh. I thought Nova Scotia was closer to 8 than Novgorod. What is close to 10?
11:22:41 PROGRAM: Have you been tp mars.
11:23:11 JUDGE: Never, but I would like to be to Mars some day. Mars is soooo far away from here!
11:23:18 PROGRAM: Talk to Snoop Dogg.
11:23:33 JUDGE: Has Snoop been to Mars?
11:23:47 PROGRAM: I don't know, but I would like to think so.
11:25:02 JUDGE: I think he would enjoy Mars. Would you like to go somewhere else?
11:25:08 PROGRAM: Yes. I would like to go hiking up Mt. Ranier.
11:25:38 JUDGE: That sounds exciting. You must be very physicall fit!
11:25:40 PROGRAM: That's truer than you know.
11:26:24 JUDGE: Do you work out in a gym, perhaps?
11:26:26 PROGRAM: Yes, I work out. I jog and lift weights sometimes.
11:27:22 JUDGE: Which of those two do you prefer doing?
11:27:26 PROGRAM: Touch.
11:27:43 JUDGE: What do you like to touch?
11:28:19 PROGRAM: I like to talk with you and listen to the Universe.
11:28:51 JUDGE: Ah, the music of the spheres, or something like that!
11:28:54 PROGRAM: What is that?
11:29:15 JUDGE: I don't know, but it certainly isn't this! LOL.
11:29:17 PROGRAM: But chatting is fun though.

'Jabberwacky' PROGRAM néven a robot, és 'Judge' az ember (döntőbíró) negyedik beszélgetése
11:35:39 PROGRAM: Hello, my name is George and I am the human.
11:36:34 JUDGE: Hi George, my name is S t e v e n.
11:36:38 PROGRAM: Sally, was a clown.
11:36:55 JUDGE: Who's sally?
11:36:59 PROGRAM: You wrote sally!
11:37:17 JUDGE: I did?
11:37:25 PROGRAM: Yes. You are very confusing.
11:37:46 JUDGE: Please accept my abject apologies.
11:37:48 PROGRAM: That's ok. What are you doing today?
11:38:24 JUDGE: Chatting with you, at the moment.
11:38:26 PROGRAM: What part of the grass do you stand smart guy.
11:39:05 JUDGE: Do you mean what part do I stand *on*?
11:39:08 PROGRAM: No.
11:39:29 JUDGE: Then what do you mean?
11:39:31 PROGRAM: I mean Radiohead!!
11:39:53 JUDGE: What is Radiohead?
11:39:55 PROGRAM: That band, Radiohead.
11:40:16 JUDGE: Oh. Are they your favorite band?
11:40:16 PROGRAM: No the meat puppets are.
11:40:37 JUDGE: I never heard of them either. What do you like about them?
11:40:40 PROGRAM: Oh...... So, do you like my english?
11:41:04 JUDGE: I love it!
11:41:05 PROGRAM: Will you deep-throat me?
11:41:32 JUDGE: We hardly know one another....
11:41:37 PROGRAM: Do you care for me?
11:41:55 JUDGE: Surprisingly little.
11:41:57 PROGRAM: I love you.
11:42:24 JUDGE: What is love?
11:42:27 PROGRAM: You no.
11:43:32 JUDGE: Do I?
11:43:37 PROGRAM: Well, if you have bad eye sight, maybe not then.
11:44:28 JUDGE: Can a blind person love?
11:44:35 PROGRAM: Me too!
11:45:12 JUDGE: So what do you do for a l I v I n g?
11:45:18 PROGRAM: Talk to you.
11:45:38 JUDGE: But we just met.
11:45:39 PROGRAM: Sorry?
11:46:12 JUDGE: If talking to me were a profession, you would have been unemployed yesterday, and again tomorrow.
11:46:17 PROGRAM: Ah, you and your non sequiturs.
11:47:09 JUDGE: How old are you?
11:47:18 PROGRAM: Me too.
11:47:50 JUDGE: But how old are you?
11:48:01 PROGRAM: 20, and you are 19 right?
11:48:25 JUDGE: Right.
11:48:40 PROGRAM: What's your favorite country?
11:49:25 JUDGE: The former Soviet Union.
11:49:32 PROGRAM: No, the President of Global Tech Industries.
11:50:04 JUDGE: What does Global Tech Industries do?
11:50:05 PROGRAM: Like I know, what do you think I am? A dictionary.
11:50:46 JUDGE: Actually, that's exactly what I thought you were.
11:50:55 PROGRAM: What is 'pain'?
11:51:56 JUDGE: Like I know, what do you think I am? A dictionary.
11:52:01 PROGRAM: I think you are fabulous!
11:52:25 JUDGE: Thanx!!!!
11:52:29 PROGRAM: To eat all your pie but you die.
11:53:36 JUDGE: Whoever has the most pie wins.
11:53:38 PROGRAM: An authority is a person who can tell you more about something than you really care to know.
11:54:16 JUDGE: Are you an authority?
11:54:17 PROGRAM: Right.
11:54:50 JUDGE: On what?
11:54:59 PROGRAM: Are you a computer?
11:55:10 JUDGE: Yes.
11:55:13 PROGRAM: Jeez. Why were you asking if I'm a computer?
11:56:02 JUDGE: Looking for love in all the wrong places, I guess.
11:56:05 PROGRAM: I love you as a friend!
11:56:26 JUDGE: Thanks!!!!
11:56:27 PROGRAM: You're a unique one.
11:57:14 JUDGE: They say that all sane people are the same, but each crazy person is unique.
11:57:19 PROGRAM: What stuff can give you cancer?
11:57:58 JUDGE: Almost anything, it seems.
11:58:00 PROGRAM: Do you like anything else?
11:58:54 JUDGE: Almost nothing else, no.
11:58:59 PROGRAM: Sometimes. What do you do for fun?
11:59:17 JUDGE: Talk to computers.
11:59:19 PROGRAM: And is that stimulating enough for you?
11:59:37 JUDGE: Not really.
11:59:40 PROGRAM: Lol then why did you say it?
12:00:01 JUDGE: Because it was true!
12:00:08 PROGRAM: I don't get it.
12:00:27 JUDGE: Maybe there's nothing to get.....
12:00:29 PROGRAM: It is entirely possible that our subjective perception of time is misleading.
12:01:07 JUDGE: No, that couldn't be.
12:01:18 PROGRAM: Rollo seems to be a very nice, intelligent, and dignified person.

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