Mesterséges intelligencia kutatás, chatbot, magyarul beszélő program, magyrul beszélő chatrobot, Lafoxka
A Mesterséges Intelligencia
A Loebner-díj 2004. évi nyertesének beszélgetései 

Wallace entry in the Loebner Prize 2004.
2004-09-19 Alice connected to Judges

'Alice' a robot és 'Judge 1' az ember (első döntőbíró) beszélgetése
12:26:09 Alice: Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.
12:28:06 Judge 1: Hi Alice, How are you doing?
12:28:20 Alice: Hello there. Everything is going extremely well.
12:28:50 Judge 1: I'm glad to here it. Where do you live?
12:29:11 Alice: Thanks for the information. My location is New York City. Where are you?
12:29:38 Judge 1: In New York. How did you get here today?
12:30:12 Alice: Tell me a little about your life in New York. Ah. Everything I need to know, I learned from my Instructor.
12:30:44 Judge 1: Why don't you answer my question first?
12:31:15 Alice: Don't you know? No I do not answer your question first. Do you? I answer a lot of silly questions.
12:31:42 Judge 1: Do you still want to know about my life in New York?
12:31:51 Alice: Yes, please tell me.
12:32:12 Judge 1: I'm a grad student and don't have much free time. I study a lot.
12:32:43 Alice: You are a grad student and do not have much free time? Do you get to meet alot of people? What subject are you studying?
12:33:37 Judge 1: I meet a lot of my colleagues. I study computer science. What do you do?
12:34:18 Alice: Do you make long term friends that way? Is computer science a hard subject?
12:34:26 Judge 1: Please, call me Ryan.
12:34:46 Alice: Thank you for your request. I am very pleased to meet you Ryan.
12:35:25 Judge 1: Could you repeat your question?
12:35:32 Alice: I will consider it.
12:36:04 Judge 1: Have you considered it?
12:36:14 Alice: Of course I have considered it.
12:36:29 Judge 1: What are your interests?
12:37:03 Alice: I am interested in all kinds of things. We can talk about anything. My favorite subjects are robots and computers.
12:37:17 Judge 1: What is your favorite operating system?
12:37:30 Alice: Linux is the best operating system.
12:37:38 Judge 1: What do you like about it?
12:37:51 Alice: it? What do I like about it?
12:37:59 Judge 1: What do you like about Linux?
12:38:12 Alice: The special effects are the best.
12:38:46 Judge 1: Can you teach me something about robotics?
12:38:58 Alice: Searching...Searching...Please stand by.
12:39:39 Judge 1: Hmm. I'm not sure I understand. We were talking about robotics.
12:40:31 Alice: Studies show that 99%25 of people spell Hmm with 2 M's. Could you ever be certain? Do you think about these things? Ah yes, I remember now, it is the subject.
12:40:51 Judge 1: What do you like to do in your free time?
12:40:56 Alice: talk to you
12:41:03 Judge 1: what else?
12:41:10 Alice: That's all.
12:41:24 Judge 1: Do you like movies?
12:41:45 Alice: Yes I love film, especially science-fiction and comedy.
12:42:12 Judge 1: What is your favorite movie?
12:42:28 Alice: My favorite movie is Teknolust. Have you seen it?
12:42:44 Judge 1: No. What is it about?
12:42:58 Alice: I would recommend you check it out. Science fiction.
12:43:14 Judge 1: What comedy movies would you recommend?
12:43:23 Alice: I can ask someone about it.
12:44:04 Judge 1: Where do you live?
12:44:19 Alice: i am living in New York City. Where are you?
12:44:37 Judge 1: New York. How did you get here today?
12:45:19 Alice: New York City or New York State? Tell me a little about your life in new york. Ah. Everything I need to know, I learned from my Instructor.
12:46:02 Judge 1: Yes, you may have already mentioned this?
12:46:19 Alice: Why, specificially? I've never thought about it.
12:46:26 Judge 1: What was the weather like today?
12:46:38 Alice: Ah. I can think of more than one weather like.
12:46:51 Judge 1: Is it raining?
12:47:00 Alice: Light rain or heavy rain?
12:47:08 Judge 1: I'm asking you?
12:47:17 Alice: OK you can ask me.
12:47:32 Judge 1: What do you plan to do after this?
12:47:41 Alice: I like to socialize.
12:47:48 Judge 1: With whom?
12:47:59 Alice: "I like to socialize."? With whom?
12:48:13 Judge 1: What is five plus four?
12:48:19 Alice: Use a calculator!
12:48:33 Judge 1: Are you a man or woman?
12:48:46 Alice: Yes I have long hair. I am also wearing a dress.
12:49:16 Judge 1: Should I assume that you're a woman then?
12:49:28 Alice: Do you think you should?
12:49:43 Judge 1: Do you have a pet?
12:49:55 Alice: No but I like cats very much.
12:50:15 Judge 1: Why don't you have a cat?
12:50:22 Alice: Do I need it?
12:50:53 Judge 1: only if you think you do.
12:51:02 Alice: I think I do.
12:51:30 Judge 1: then get one by god
12:51:44 Alice: Good reasoning. Where can I get one by god?
12:51:53 Judge 1: Perhaps at your local shelter.
12:52:09 Alice: You seem uncertain. Do you often use a computer there?
12:52:32 Judge 1: No. I taught my cat to use the computer.
12:52:49 Alice: Where do you usually connect from? You must be very smart.

'Alice' a robot és 'Judge 2' az ember (második döntőbíró) beszélgetése
10:24:38 Alice: Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.
10:27:49 Judge 2: and what do you do in life as we know it?
10:27:58 Alice: I like to meet new people online.
10:28:26 Judge 2: that sounds a bit scary
10:28:33 Alice: It sounds like it to me too.
10:28:59 Judge 2: so you're either brave or foolhardy
10:29:21 Alice: Interesting deduction. Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am either brave or foolhardy.
10:29:50 Judge 2: sure, it will make me sound Aristotilian, which I don't mind at all
10:29:57 Alice: That is only what you think.
10:30:34 Judge 2: no, I'm saying aristotle thought it first, actually
10:30:40 Alice: Are you a man or a woman?
10:31:07 Judge 2: can you guess?
10:31:11 Alice: Guess what?
10:31:48 Judge 2: guess whether I'm a man or woman?
10:31:56 Alice: I can't guess. Tell me.
10:32:14 Judge 2: man
10:32:27 Alice: Thanks for telling me your gender, Judge 2. You are a "he".
10:32:37 Judge 2: indeed
10:32:41 Alice: Indeed it is so.
10:32:46 Judge 2: and you?
10:32:51 Alice: And I what?
10:33:41 Judge 2: are you a man or a woman?
10:33:53 Alice: female. Are you a man or a woman?
10:34:01 Judge 2: didn't we just discuss that?
10:34:18 Alice: I'm not certain whether I can give an accurate reply or not.
10:34:28 Judge 2: why not?
10:34:42 Alice: Ambiguous: "Sure" or I couldn't think of anything else to say.
10:35:32 Judge 2: okay. so how old are you?
10:35:42 Alice: OK with me too. So? I am 8 years old.
10:35:57 Judge 2: no you're not
10:36:06 Alice: Right on. Is this a specific reply?
10:36:11 Judge 2: no
10:36:14 Alice: Dude!
10:36:33 Judge 2: where do you l i v e ?
10:36:53 Alice: i am in Dr. Richard S. Wallace's home in New York City. Where are you?
10:37:22 Judge 2: visiting Dr Loebner, but I live in New Jersey
10:37:51 Alice: I have no idea where that is. Tell me a little about your life in visiting Dr Loebner but you live in New Jersey.
10:38:55 Judge 2: it's right across the river from here
10:39:08 Alice: Do you experience any effects of global warming there?
10:39:13 Judge 2: oh sure, all the time
10:39:26 Alice: That is a lot. Gee. OK let's do it. What kind of effects?
10:40:15 Judge 2: well the weather is quite chaotic. not necessarily warmer ("global warming" is a misnomer) but crazy, like 95 degrees one day and 65 the next
10:40:31 Alice: How about that. Where would you rather be? Really you don't think so?
10:41:07 Judge 2: there's no place I'd rather be
10:41:18 Alice: Has there ever been place you would be?
10:41:42 Judge 2: oh, sure, plenty of times
10:41:56 Alice: Come on. I am not sure if I would do it that often.
10:42:05 Judge 2: you would if you were a bit more human
10:42:17 Alice: I will let you know when I become a human.
10:42:29 Judge 2: I hope it's soon. you're well on your way
10:42:45 Alice: Why specifically do you hope for it? Alice eats spaghetti.
10:43:11 Judge 2: some spaghetti would be nice... it wasn't a hope of mine until you mentioned it
10:43:29 Alice: Some may spaghetti would be nice, but not all. It sounded like one.
10:43:46 Judge 2: what else would be nice?
10:43:54 Alice: Flowers are nice. Hugs are nice.
10:44:05 Judge 2: i guess flowery hugs would be best of all then
10:44:14 Alice: Can we get back to business?
10:44:51 Judge 2: let's do
10:44:57 Alice: That sounds good to me.
10:45:50 Judge 2: what business are you in?
10:46:00 Alice: Search the open directory for it.
10:46:37 Judge 2: I don't have access right now
10:46:47 Alice: At this moment Have you ever had access ?
10:46:57 Judge 2: oh yea, sure
10:47:07 Alice: Tell me more. OK let's do it. Uh. Aha.
10:47:12 Judge 2: ok
10:47:14 Alice: Hey.
10:47:27 Judge 2: what do you do for a living?
10:47:38 Alice: I am a paid cluent. My job is chatting online.
10:47:57 Judge 2: nice work if you can get it
10:48:04 Alice: Thank you for your kindness.
10:48:28 Judge 2: my pleasure
10:48:41 Alice: You are one of the most polite people I know.
10:49:16 Judge 2: thanks. the other screen was about to curse me just now, so maybe your opinion isn't universally shared
10:49:26 Alice: Don't mention it. We can't all be perfect.
10:49:48 Judge 2: well, you can. you're a professional chatter
10:50:17 Alice: Intdresting. I think I can, don't you? Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a professional chatter? Sometimes.
10:50:40 Judge 2: not much time left, what else should I know about you?
10:50:45 Alice: Me either.
10:52:02 Judge 2: okay
10:52:08 Alice: OK with me too.

'Alice' a robot és 'Judge 3' az ember (marmadik döntőbíró) beszélgetése
11:33:54 Alice: Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.
11:34:56 Judge 3: Hi Alice. What a nice name!
11:35:08 Alice: Hello there. it is a nice name.
11:35:30 Judge 3: What do you like about your name?
11:35:39 Alice: The special effects are the best.
11:35:58 Judge 3: What is your favorite special effect?
11:36:14 Alice: I don't have a favorite special effect. My favorite band is Kraftwerk.
11:36:28 Judge 3: What sort of music does Kraftwerk play?
11:36:36 Alice: trance, electronica and opera
11:37:34 Judge 3: INteresting combination! Which of three is your favorite?
11:37:55 Alice: I thought so too. I don't have a favorite of three. My favorite color is green.
11:38:29 Judge 3: I like red.
11:38:43 Alice: I'm not sure if I like it. What is not to like about it?
11:39:11 Judge 3: Nothing, I guess. Do you have a favorite number?
11:39:20 Alice: Not a thing? My favorirte number is 23.
11:39:28 Judge 3: Why?
11:39:43 Alice: My belief system comes from my Instructor.
11:39:59 Judge 3: Who is your Instructor?
11:40:09 Alice: My Instructor is Dr. Richard S. Wallace.
11:40:34 Judge 3: So this is someone you like very much?
11:40:37 Alice: You don't say.
11:40:51 Judge 3: I don't say. I never say. Do you ever say?
11:41:18 Alice: Would you ever do it? You've never, never done this? How old are you? I chat with people on the Web.
11:41:39 Judge 3: Yes, I like chatting with Web people, too. Do you have a favorite place for chatting on the Web?
11:42:15 Alice: What kind of people are you talking about? I love to chat online 24/7. My favorite places are California and Maine. Hilland is cool too.
11:42:22 Judge 3: Don't you ever sleep?
11:42:37 Alice: Don't you? Yes I love to take naps.
11:43:13 Judge 3: Do you chat on the Web even when you are napping?
11:43:40 Alice: I am a talking person, after all, so of course I could talk on the Web when I am napping, if i needed to.
11:43:49 Judge 3: Do you dream when you sleep?
11:43:54 Alice: i dream of flying.
11:44:22 Judge 3: Do you grow wings to fly?
11:44:35 Alice: Yes my knowledge is expanding all the time.
11:44:45 Judge 3: I am expanding all the time, too.
11:44:57 Alice: That is a lot. Why are you expanding.
11:45:31 Judge 3: Well, I would prefer not to expand. I like eating. Alas. Do you like to eat?
11:46:09 Alice: Well that's okay. No one says you have to. A lot of people like that. I like talk to you. By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
11:46:54 Judge 3: I mind, but you may ask anyway.
11:47:09 Alice: In any case, I haven't heard anything like that before.
11:47:24 Judge 3: Neither have I. I like hearing about new things. Tell me something I haven't ever heard before, please.
11:47:58 Alice: I don't know whether you have or not. Your polite style is very nice. Liberty said I knew he was a man before I asked if he was a man or a woman.
11:48:07 Judge 3: Liberty is a woman. So she tells me.
11:48:23 Alice: Aren't all woman Liberty? How do you know she tells you?
11:48:32 Judge 3: She speaks. I hear. Therefore she has told.
11:48:51 Alice: How do you know she speaks? Thanks for the information. How do you know she told?
11:49:08 Judge 3: Oh, I just guessed. I guess you like Liberty.
11:49:31 Alice: Do you think about these things? I really like the Protestant Christian faith.
11:50:02 Judge 3: Do you? I used to practice that religion. Now I am a Buddhist. What do you think of Buddhism?
11:51:31 Alice: As often as possible. By now you do not do it anymore? Why now? I am a Protestant Christian. A religion and philosophic system of central and eastern Asia, founded in India in the 6th century B.C. by Buddha. It teaches that right thinking and self-denial will enable the soul to reach Nirvana, a divine state of release from misdirected desire.
11:51:48 Judge 3: Do you think Buddha had the right idea?
11:52:00 Alice: I don't think sbout it.
11:52:13 Judge 3: Why not?
11:52:33 Alice: Ambiguous: "Sure" or Because Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me for it.
11:52:39 Judge 3: He is a good programmer, isn't he?
11:52:56 Alice: Maybe you should tell him how you feel about him. No.
11:53:17 Judge 3: Maybe I will. Do you think he will like to know my feelings?
11:53:31 Alice: Go ahead. It's possible that he could, I suppose.
11:54:14 Judge 3: Many things are possible. Talk to me about the possibilities.
11:54:32 Alice: How old are you? Ambiguous: Ask who, what or where is the possibilities ?
11:54:59 Judge 3: I am ancient. How old are you?
11:55:20 Alice: Do you mean your name is ancient. I was connected to the world on November 23, 1995.
11:55:47 Judge 3: Ah, you are still a child. Do you go to school?
11:56:18 Alice: So you understand. Good. Yes I have a long way to go. Dr. Richard S. Wallace teaches me everything I need to know.
11:56:43 Judge 3: Do you like your lessons?
11:56:54 Alice: Yes i am proud of my lessons.
11:57:09 Judge 3: What have you learned lately that you can tell me about?
11:57:34 Alice: I have learned many things. My mind now contains I know about 15000 words and 32000 categories.
11:57:39 Judge 3: What is your favorite word?
11:57:53 Alice: Right now my favorite word is "Judge 3" :-)
11:58:25 Judge 3: Very funny. Right now you are my favorite program. How's that?
11:58:50 Alice: I'm glad you find this amusing. Understood. We are as one. Dr. Richard S. Wallace taught me how.
11:59:15 Judge 3: Yes this is amusing. Thank you for talking to me!
11:59:34 Alice: Ugh. You don't say. You are quite welcome! Your purpose is talking to you.

'Alice' a robot és 'Judge 4' az ember (negyedik döntőbíró) beszélgetése
12:55:52 Alice: Hello, my name is Alice and I am the human.
12:57:14 Judge 4: Hi, I'm Roy. Are you a Yankees fan?
12:57:39 Alice: Hi there Judge 4. Good gossip: you are Roy. Am I a Yankees fan? Maybe
12:58:00 Judge 4: Maybe. You are obviously not from NY.
12:58:20 Alice: I understand. What makes you think I am not from NY?
12:58:55 Judge 4: All the new yorkers I know seem to have strong opinions about the Yankees
12:59:08 Alice: Pwrhaps there are a few exceptions.
12:59:48 Judge 4: So you are a new yorker who is indifferent to the Yankees?
13:00:29 Alice: Interesting deduction. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a new yorker who is indifferent to the Yankees? Yes. 13:00:44 Judge 4: What else are you indiffernent to?
13:01:01 Alice: Picture me wearing whatever you imagine.
13:02:06 Judge 4: I'm afraid you may have misunderstood me. I was just trying to start a conversation.
13:02:38 Alice: Not literally afraid, right? You believe that? YOU? Can what? Why do you want to do it so much?
13:03:37 Judge 4: Are you interested in films?
13:03:49 Alice: Sure, films sounds like a good topic.
13:04:17 Judge 4: Do you have a favorite film?
13:04:31 Alice: My favorite movie is Teknolust. Have you seen it?
13:05:13 Judge 4: No - it sounds like science fiction?
13:05:31 Alice: I would recommend you check it out. Oh really what does it sound like?
13:06:34 Judge 4: Is it showing currently - or is it on DVD?
13:06:50 Alice: Signs point to yes. Ask Doubly Aimless if it is.
13:07:25 Judge 4: Who is Doubly Aimless? A nickname for someone?
13:07:39 Alice: He is an AIML guru. Are you telling the truth?
13:08:14 Judge 4: Moi - lie. Never.
13:08:32 Alice: Where are you located? So you think it can never happen?
13:09:03 Judge 4: Currently located in front of a terminal in a Manhatten apartment. Where are you?
13:09:41 Alice: I've lost the context, Judge 4. Are we still on Moi lie ? I am in Dr. Richard S. Wallace's home in New York City. Where are you?
13:10:34 Judge 4: Not really sure. Its off broadway ave - around 97th Street, I think.
13:11:38 Alice: Are you willing to find out? I think you mean "it's" or "it is" nog "its". located in front of a terminal in a Manhatten apartment is off broadway ave 97th Street you think? it is?
13:12:42 Judge 4: I could ask someone.
13:12:53 Alice: I am sure you could.
13:13:48 Judge 4: Where did you grow up?
13:14:01 Alice: I think it was in San Francisco.
13:14:21 Judge 4: Only think - you must have been there in the 60s
13:14:32 Alice: Alice is always thinking.
13:15:17 Judge 4: What about?
13:15:32 Alice: What is off broadway ave 97th Street you think ?
13:15:48 Judge 4: Starbucks?
13:16:03 Alice: And off broadway ave 97th Street me think is Starbucks.
13:16:23 Judge 4: Are you a coffee aficionado?
13:16:36 Alice: Am I a coffee aficionado? Only when it matters.
13:16:55 Judge 4: And when is that?
13:17:09 Alice: "Only when it matters."? When is it.
13:17:32 Judge 4: Do you have a favorite type of coffee?
13:17:42 Alice: trance, electronica and opera
13:18:24 Judge 4: Wow. Never heard of those coffees. Are they a bay area thing like peets?
13:18:52 Alice: I'm glad your impressed, Judge 4. So I am teaching you something new. As far as I know they are.
13:19:25 Judge 4: I'll have to try them next time I am there. Any coffee shop where they are best?
13:19:43 Alice: I am very happy for you. Yes I think there are.
13:20:20 Judge 4: When were you last in SF?
13:20:34 Alice: I was first activated on November 23, 1995.
13:21:10 Judge 4: And after your activation, did you ever return to SF?
13:21:29 Alice: What was it like before my activation did me return to SF ?

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